Azalea Grove Getaway




If I have to cancel my booking, can I get my money back?

If you need to cancel 14 days before your check-in date, absolutely! We understand things can change, and we need time to rebook, too. For cancellations closer to arrival and reservations for 30+ nights, see  Cancellations

How do I cancel a booking? 

Easy-peasy. See Cancellations

Can I get a refund if the air is smokey from nearby forest fires?

Our magical valley does a great job of filtering out smoke drift from across the states. Also, each rental has a mini-split unit with both heat and AC to help filter the air. However, we cannot be responsible for sensitivities to smoke and, therefore, do not give refunds if the air is smokey.

Will you let us know if we need to leave due to a nearby forest fire?

Definitely! You’re part of the Azalea Grove Getaway family during your stay. We keep close tabs on fire activity in the area and will advise you on any evacuation status as soon as we know. 

Can I get a refund if it’s snowing?

You’ll love our forest grove covered in snow! But if we’re talking about a blizzard and I-5 is closed, we can offer to reschedule for you at your request. 


Amenities and Logistics

What kind of amenities are at Azalea Grove Getaway? 

Everything you need, from soup to nuts, for your rejuvenating getaway in nature. For a complete list, see Amenities and Where We Are. 

Do you have free WiFi? 

Yes, and it’s generally pretty good.  We regularly work remotely at our getaway, including Zoom meetings, with very few issues.  Azalea Grove Getaway has 2 networks: one for Orchard House, Blissful Solitude Cottage and Madrone Hideout and one for Forest Haven. We do occasionally have a WiFi outage (we are out here in the country!) and if that happens, we use our phones as a hotspot. Driving 1 mile to the Heaven on Earth Restaurant is a last-resort option for reception. 

Do you have cell reception?

Certain carriers have better reception than others. We use T-Mobile, and it’s very dependable. If your phone reception is weak, you can use the WiFi network.

Do you have EV chargers for electric cars? 

Yes! We have two EV chargers (Level 2-J1772) over by the Madrone Hideout. There is a small fee for an overnight charge. 

Do you have fire pits? Can we use them year round?

We have two fire pits: one dug into the ground in the garden area and one on the chop shop patio. Both are just a short walk from your place. We have firewood available for a small fee, or you can bring your own to enhance your wonderful getaway experience!  Fire pit use is subject to our county’s fire-season rules. Once fire season begins each year, open flames of any sort — fires or candles — are not permitted (if you smoke, you must do so only on our Chop Shop patio year round). Always check with us before using our fire pits.

Where in the world is Azalea Grove Getaway? How far away are you from the I-5 freeway? 

Our enchanting getaway grove is halfway between Roseburg and Grants Pass in Southern Oregon only 1.5 miles from the I-5 freeway. We’re quick as a wink to get to and a million miles from stress. We’ll send you specific directions after you book. For more information, check out Logistics

How far away is Azalea Grove Getaway from nearby towns? Where are the nearest grocery stores, banks and post office? 

We’re halfway between Roseburg and Grants Pass with a few smaller towns nearby. You’ll find what you need here: Logistics

Is there a gas station nearby?

Yes. The closest gas station is only 1.7 miles from Azalea Grove Getaway with others in neighboring towns. See Logistics.

If there’s snow, is it easy to get in and out of Azalea Grove Getaway? Do we need snow tires or chains?

We are only 1.4 miles from the I-5 freeway. If it’s snowing, our road is not plowed. However, it’s flat to the freeway and is driven quite a bit, so normally, there are tracks. Driving over the Siskiyou Pass on I-5 is likely to be a bigger challenge than driving our road. Regarding snow tires or chains, you need them if I-5 requires them. Use Trip Check or another DOT site to check.


Pets & Critters

Are you pet-friendly? Is there a pet charge?

We love critters, domestic and wild! That’s why we welcome your pet if you agree to our guidelines as a respectful, caring owner. Our $30 non-refundable pet fee is per pet/per stay. Our guidelines are here:  Pets

Are there bears and other wild animals at Azalea Grove Getaway?

You bet, and you’re in for exciting discoveries! We have a lovely assortment of wild critters big and small, and some need special attention concerning safety issues. Know our critters here.


Who We Are

“Who the heck are you, anyway?!”

Some people think we’re crazy. Insead, we’ve just gone out on a limb to do something good here, and now we’re sharing it with you. Breathing, nurturing and restoring with nature and each other is essential to life. It’s our raison d’etre! See Who We Are. 

How do we get in touch with you? 

Easy-peasy again. Send us an email at, fill out a contact form here, or chat with us directly at 541-300-6700.

Do you sell my contact information?

Azalea Grove Getaway respects your privacy and will never sell or share your contact information. We’ll keep your information so we can let you know of upcoming events or specials we may offer. You can always opt out if you wish.



Can we rent more than one place at a time? 

Of course! Mix-and-matching is our middle name! See [LINK TO DIRECT-BOOKING] to discover your options.

Which rental can sleep the most people?

Orchard House sleeps five. Need more space? We can accommodate up to 13 if you rent Blissful Solitude Cottage, Forest Haven and/or Madrone Hideout. If that’s not enough, add Starry Skies Campout. Choose the combination that’s right for you here: [LINK TO DIRECT-BOOKING PAGE] 

Do we bring our own food?

Yes, that’s a good plan. There are also a few nearby restaurants, the Azalea Mountain Store within 2 miles for convenience items and fully stocked grocery stores about 15 mins in either direction from us on I-5 (See Logistics). If you choose a getaway  Picnic on the Patio, we can arrange simple, yummy picnic boxes to relish outdoors. Our fully outfitted kitchens (with basic supplies like olive oil and spices) will inspire you to prepare delicious delights with food you bring for other getaway eating. 

Should we bring our own dishes, pots and pans?

Not necessary — we’ve got you covered.

Do you have camping facilities?

Only the best for miles and miles around, honey! Check out your Starry Skies Campout choices here.

Is smoking allowed at Azalea Grove Getaway?

We understand that some really need a puff, so we offer you a deal. While there’s absolutely, positively, undeniably NO smoking in any of our rental units or porches, you can smoke on our Chop Shop patio near the Forest Haven  house. Don’t try to sneak a puff anywhere else – our bears might come and eat you. 🙂 

Can we bring our kids?

Yes, most definitely! Azalea Grove Getaway is a magical place for everyone. Here, your children can discover crawfish in the creek, listen to birdsong and froggies, experience wild critters, play softball or other fun games. Remember, though, this is a wild place, and you’re responsible for your children. It’s home to many creatures that can be disturbed by inordinately loud screams and noises (like skunk!). So it’s a place to teach children respect for nature by learning to quietly observe her gifts without displacing them. 


Playful Antics & Nearby Fun

What is there to do nearby?

Once you’ve indulged in our Playful Antics & Rad Thrills, there’s a whole lotta outdoorsy stuff to do nearby, including hiking, swimming, biking and rafting. Take your pick: Nearby Fun

Do you offer winery tours?

You bet! Southern Oregon has many fine wineries, and we offer day trips so you can sip to your heart’s content and still arrive home safely. Cheers! Let us know if you’re interested. We’ll make it happen!

What about yoga?

Yes, flow with us! Beautify and elevate your getaway with the inspiration and deep connection to nature our gentle Peaceful Forest Yoga experience provides.

Do you organize any activities we can join while at Azalea Grove Getaway?

Heck, yes! Here are some playful antics and rad thrills — name your  elixir: See Playful Antics & Rad Thrills.

Do you offer activities for children?

We don’t offer specific children’s activities, but they can join you in a yoga class or picnic where you’ll be responsible for them. Azalea Grove Getaway is a wonderful place for children to discover crawfish in the creek, listen to birdsong and froggies, experience wild critters, play softball or other fun games. Remember, though, this is a wild place, and you’re responsible for them. It’s home to many creatures that can be disturbed by inordinately loud screams and noises (like skunk!). So it’s a place to teach children respect for nature by learning to quietly observe her gifts without displacing them. 

Can I organize my own event at Azalea Grove Getaway?

Your creative vision is our middle name! Planning a simple family reunion? Need a nature sanctuary for a small wedding? We can host intimate events if you organize them, so send us your ideas here: Create Your Own Event.